Moreish by K x Dibba Bay Oyster Night

Moreish by K x Dibba Bay Oyster Night

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Enjoy the delicacy of Dibba Bay's Oysters that have been garnished and adorned with Moreish by K's colors and flavors. On Thursday the 24th of June, 6:30pm onwards, come down to the cool courtyard of XVA to experience a curated oyster tasting, with fresh summer salads, and crisp cool flavors.

For oyster lovers - this is an event not to be missed... and for those a little weary of slurping down, Dibba Bay, offers the finest!

Get to know all about the UAE's local oyster farm, Dibba Bay, with founder; Ramie Murray, who pioneered the pivot from the traditional Arabian pearl oyster industry to the farming of an edible oyster species. 

MFK Fisher wrote, “an oyster in its best state needs nothing more than to be opened for me!”, so allow Moreish by K to do just that!