Metaphors | Mahmoud Hamadani

Metaphors | Mahmoud Hamadani

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Join us on Thursday, January 11th from 6-8pm at XVA Gallery for the opening of ‘Metaphors’, a solo exhibition by Mahmoud Hamadani.

Curatorial statement:

'Metaphors is the newest series of my work. This exhibition at XVA is the first time I am presenting the works from the series to the public.

In language, metaphors are abstract notions that we use to help explain the concrete. For example, Borges describes dawn as “When Light like a climbing vine/ begins to implicate the shadowed walls.” Or Hafez likens the sunrise to the “Universe pulling a mirror from the pocket of the horizon.” We use metaphors often with little awareness – “Pearl of wisdom”, “heart of gold,” “sunshine of my life” – to elucidate the common and the mundane in a dramatic fashion.

The works in the series are visual metaphors. As if observing them helps us make sense of the concrete world around us.'