Intersections of Cosmos | Yoshihiko Tsutsumi

Intersections of Cosmos | Yoshihiko Tsutsumi

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Join us on Friday, December 8th from 6-8pm at XVA Gallery for the opening of ‘Intersections of Cosmos’, a solo exhibition by Yoshihiko Tsutsumi.

Yoshihiko Tsutsumi, a Tokyo-based Japanese artist rooted in the vibrant atmosphere of Ginza, transcends conventional artistic boundaries, seamlessly navigating 2D, 3D, and installation mediums. Influenced by the immersive environment of his uncle's cinema billboard painting atelier in Kumamoto, Japan, Yoshihiko draws inspiration from the captivating interplay of colors and dripping marks on the studio floor. The indelible memories of classic monochrome movies to contemporary films experienced in his youth contribute to the nuanced layers and depth in his current artistic endeavors. Simultaneously, Yoshihiko boasts a distinguished career as an antique dealer, having traveled to more than 40 countries. This rich experience infuses his artwork with a unique sensibility that spans nationalities, eras, and space and time, further enriching the narrative of his creative expression. As both an accomplished graphic designer and artist, Yoshihiko's creative process unfolds like a meticulously crafted spider's nest, guided by an equidistant grid that shapes the evolution of lines and forms. This grid serves as a blueprint, orchestrating the sequential connection of outlines, akin to the organic process of cell reproduction found in living beings, rocks, and metals.

His work, a mesmerizing dance between macrocosmic expanses and microscopic intricacies, unveils a world where lines and colors converge, gradually crystallizing into a unique artistic vision. The layer series, an exploration of phenomena materializing through the accumulation of colors, offers a psychological molding that appears both abstract and concrete. The dichotomy in his monochromatic series, where white pencil traces dance over black canvases or vice versa, speaks to an artistic narrative transcending mere aesthetic appeal. This two-dimensional journey mirrors an architectural process, where elements are meticulously plotted and constructed, revealing Yoshihiko's simultaneous embrace of powerful, colorful worlds and serene monochrome landscapes.

In recent years, Yoshihiko has extended his artistic prowess to large-scale live paintings, engaging with public audiences and transforming the canvas in response to the surrounding atmosphere and conversations. The resulting pieces embody a unique, evolving world shaped by the collective energy of the moment. A pivotal focal point in his upcoming series is a work painted on both sides of a transparent acrylic board. This innovative expression captures the interplay between external and internal influences, creating a 'cosmos' that transcends scale, seamlessly oscillating between grandiose spaces and microscopic realms.