Echoes of Sir Bani Yas: Artistic Reflections

Echoes of Sir Bani Yas: Artistic Reflections

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Join us at XVA for the opening of 'Echoes of Sir Bani Yas: Artistic Reflections'.

Date - Thursday, 23rd May, 2024
Time - 6 to 8 pm
Place - XVA Gallery

"Echoes of Sir Bani Yas: Artistic Reflections" exhibition features an array of works from students and faculty of the College of Arts and Creative Enterprises at Zayed University. This exhibition uniquely blends the discoveries from the COMET (Communicating Observing Mapping Environments and Tolerance) research cluster and a transformative mindfulness workshop as part of “Behind the Scenes: Perceptions of Young Arab Women” cluster research grant. The showcase includes diverse mediums such as sculpture, drawing, printmaking, photography and video, emphasizing the profound interplay between environment, mindfulness, and artistic expression.

About the Exhibition:
"Echoes of Sir Bani Yas: Artistic Reflections" draws its strength from the serene mindfulness workshop at Sir Bani Yas Island led by Justin Thomas, Naz Shahrokh, and Stefan Messam and the exploratory endeavors of the COMET projects led by David Howarth and Janet Bellotto. The COMET initiative, deeply committed to studying island ecologies, has spurred students and faculty to interact with and artistically interpret the unique ecosystem of Sir Bani Yas Island. These explorations are rooted in environmental sustainability and the rich cultural histories of island environments.

Simultaneously, the mindfulness retreat at Sir Bani Yas facilitated by Dr. Justin Thomas has been an immersive experience, allowing Zayed University alumni and faculty Naz Shahrokh and Stefan Messam to delve into mindfulness practices through drawing. These practices have significantly enhanced their creative processes, resulting in artworks that resonate deeply with personal and collective narratives. These artworks, born from a place of reflective tranquility, explore profound themes such as connection, memory, and the subtle interplay between humanity and nature.

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